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C H R I S T I N E   B E C is a London based company specializing in the design, development,
production of both wholesale and individual Fashion accessories particularly millinery. Started in
the early nineties, through her own shop/showroom in Notting Hill Gate, the label gradually
expanded into other accessories, notably gloves and bags, defining a very personal and individual
image both elegant and playful.

Along with the dedication required to a bespoke handmade product C H R I S T I N E   B E C has evolved
her craft and sense of design through over a decade of twice yearly seasonal collections,
a practice that has strongly developed her intuition in the sense of things to come but also
increased her flair for colour and texture.

At the cutting edge of the contemporary, modern and versatile, yet classical and sensitive to trends
but with an innate sense of glamour, the label is distributed both in England and overseas. Some
of the most representative outlets include Barneys(Japan), B-Store, Start, Labour of Love(London),
Gago(France), KronKron(Iceland) to name but a few.

At a bespoke level, the label is also patronized by an eclectic celebrity clientele.

The actual making process involves sourcing, pattern cutting sometimes dying, blocking and
trimming. Most of these operations being executed by hand according both to time proven and
innovative techniques. The use of various material encompasses anything from straw, felts, tartans,
drills, cottons, leathers, silk, cork, mohair, buttons ....

A Master in Anglo-American literature (Aix en Provence) as well as her time spent at Central St
Martins while learning millinery have shaped her perspective. The influence of her native
Provence is also very present behind her aesthetic approach. Prior to her label, her experiences
include working for The English National Opera, Nantes Opera and Ossie Clarke.

Collaborations with labels as diverse as Hardy Amies, Jonathan Saunders, Brioni, Giles have
culminated in a capsule hat collection for the relaunch of BIBA.

She is currently designing a small range of gentlemen hats for the B-Store B collection. Her
experience in this domain can range from a contribution to a show to the entire design,
conception, manufacturing and delivery of a production.

Regular extensive coverage in magazines including POP, VOGUE, HARPERS & QUEEN and TATLER
as well as in the national press shows how her designs stand among the most prestigious names
in Fashion .


An editorial from a November issue of Vogue

an editorial in a November issue of Vogue